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Lou Nicholes
Introducing Family Times: Lou Nicholes

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This is a question that Jack Wyrtzen asked me in a phone conversation many years ago. I would like to ask you the same question. I was speechless because I did not have a plan for reading God’s Word every day and sharing it. As a result, this question changed the course of my life as I read God’s Word and share my thoughts with my family and others every day. If you would like to receive these thoughts just click on the button below and it is free.

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  • After reading it you can write down your thoughts and application if you so desire.
  • Then you can click on my commentary which includes a simple explanation of the content, a practical illustration and a personal application.
  • There is a prayer and praise page from missionaries that changes weekly.
  • There is a weekly memory verse that corresponds with what you are reading.
  • There is a place for you to write your thoughts or ask questions daily.

We are a missionary family who have ministered with Word of Life Fellowship since 1962. This is an international youth organization founded by Jack Wyrtzen, with headquarters in Schroon Lake, New York. Lou Nicholes grew up on a small farm in southeastern Ohio.