A Companion For Adam

A Kentucky mountaineer fighting overseas in WW1 kept getting nagging letters from his wife back home. He was too busy fighting to write letters, even to his wife. At last, angered by his wife’s scolding letters, he sat down and wrote her: “Dear Nancy: I been a-gittin y … More


When God finished His creation He said that everything was very good (1:31). Now He says that Adam was alone and that this was not good  (v. 18). To solve this problem God creates the first woman and the institution of marriage begins.

It is interesting to note that God created all of the birds and beasts and placed Adam over them and even had him name all of them (vv. 19-20). This in itself was a tremendous achievement as there are some 17,000 air-breathing species of animals  in the world. Now as he creates woman he takes a rib from Adam’s side in order that she may be a helper alongside of him (vv. 21-22).

God decided to make “a corresponding helper” for the man (v. 18). The description of her as “corresponding to him” means basically that what was said about him in Genesis 2:7 was also true of her. They both had the same nature. But what man lacked (his aloneness was not good) she supplied, and what she lacked he supplied. The culmination was one flesh (v. 24)-the complete unity of man and woman in marriage.

The creation of Adam and Eve teaches us much about the marriage relationship:

1. Marriage was instituted by God and not by man(verses 22-24).

2. Marriage was and is to be one man for one woman. God gave Adam only one wife.  This leaves no room for polygamy.

3. Marriage is to be heterosexual and not homosex­ual. It was Eve and not Steve.

4. Man is to “leave his father and mother and cleave (be glued to) to his wife” (v. 24). This implies permanency and leaves no room for divorce.

5. Adam was created before Eve so this suggests that man is to be the leader (I Corinthians 11:8-9). This is because God instituted it and not because man is superior.

6. Moral purity is established. "And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed” (v. 25).


I am determined to make my marriage all that God has created it to be? This can only happen as I include God in all of my plans and all that I do.

Genesis 2:18-25 (English Standard Version)

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