A Faithful God And a Corrupt People

In 1818 Franz Schubert was in the midst of his greatest work when suddenly he died. But today the world still stands in reverence and adoration when the violins and the organ and the harps and the flutes played The Unfinished Symphony! (Encyclopedia of Illustrations #7362). … More


Moses was not only a great prophet but also a song leader. After three sermons, he changed the presentation  of his message to singing. This song gives a brief history of Israel. It reminds the people of their mistakes and warns them to avoid a repeat of those mistakes, and offers hope that comes only in trusting God. It tells how God will bless His people when they are faithful and how He will punish them when they reject His love. It was a song given to them by God. It was to be some-what like their national anthem. Every Israelite was to learn it and teach it to his children.

It begins with a description of God’s character and works (vv. 1-3). Anyone following the teaching of Moses in this song would become fruitful and prosperous in the way rain and dew refresh the new grass and tender plants. Our songs today should follow this pattern by revealing the greatness and goodness of the Lord and thus encouraging us to live for Him (v. 3). Following this God is described as a rock (v. 4). This speaks of His stability in a changing world and His dependability in a demanding world. He is faithful and always does what is normally right. In contrast His people could almost always be counted on to do wrong (vv. 5-9).

The Lord teaches Israel about His protection by using the picture of an eagle trying to teach it’s young how to fly (vv. 10-12). The mother eagle will push her little eaglets out of the nest in teaching them to fly and when they do not do very well she will catch them in your wings and put them back in the nest. In the same way God pushes us out of the nest because he wants us to learn to fly. He wants us to learn to fly for Him. The song repeats how God has blessed Israel and prospered them in the wilderness (vv. 13-14).


I thank the Lord for His tender watchful care over me just like the mother eagle teaching her young eaglets to fly. In may ways I am still learning to fly in the Christian life.

Deuteronomy 32:1-14 (English Standard Version)

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