A Friend Loves at All Times

Charles Swindoll says, “To walk by faith does not mean that we stop thinking. To trust God does not imply becoming lazy or apathetic. What a distortion of biblical faith! You and I need to trust God for our finances, but that is no license to spend foolishly. You and I ought … More


To justify the wicked and to condemn the righteous is to call evil good, and good evil (v. 15). This is hated by the Lord and any who operate in this manner are fools. There are many examples of this going on in our society today but one that is very glaring is the abortion issue. Abortion has been legalized all across our land and even by the Supreme Court. This is nothing less than murder and think of the millions that are being murdered under the banner of “women’s rights."

Why should fools have money for an education when they refuse to learn (v. 16)? The idea is portrayed that both a friend and a brother should be greatly valued (v. 17). The true friend proves himself in times of trouble by helping whenever and wherever he is needed. Our Lord Jesus Christ is that Friend whose love never changes, and who is in reality a brother born for adversity. A person does not demonstrate sound judgment who will guarantee someone else’s financial note (v. 18). There are repeated warnings throughout the Scriptures concerning our standing good for someone else’s debt. If a person or an organization does not have the money to buy something it is a good idea not to get it. This can be God’s way of saying you don’t need it or at least not right now."He that exalteth his gate seeketh destruction” (v. 19). Private homes in Solomon’s day were often entered through a high and elaborate gateway which spoke of wealth and social prestige.  People who did not have the money were often tempted to construct such a gate and thus brought themselves to financial ruin. Men today also often adopt a life-style that is beyond their means.


What is my chief goal in life?  Do I find myself spending more time thinking about how I can improve my living standard than I do about what I can accomplish for Christ?

Proverbs 17:15-19 (English Standard Version)

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