A Whisperer Separates Friends

There is no question that whispering and backbiting is one of the greatest curses among Christians. Good friends are alienated and misunderstandings of all kinds are created because of it. Satan is hard at work to divide Christians and one of the best ways he can do it is to get … More


The words of an ungodly man who gets involved in gossip are like burning fire that pass from his lips and have the scorching malice of hell (v. 27). Gossip is no good! It causes hard feelings and division comes between friends (v 28).The things in this passage can happen to anyone (vv. 29-30). We need to be on guard ourselves and especially warn our children that there are people with strong personalities who will lead us “into the way that is not good.” Before we know it they will lead us into things that we would have never thought we would become involved in. Longevity of life is a result of righteous living but not all who have lived to be old have lived righteously (v. 31). Grey hair is a crown of glory when it adorns the head of a person who has lived a righteous life. It is true that grey heads can be seen among the wicked but there will be no glory there, just the traces of a body broken in the pursuit of sin. Only the person who lives his life for the Lord will experience the glory of God’s presence!

Men have conquered kingdoms who were defeated when it came to controlling their temper. A bad temper is often excused on the ground of natural infirmity, when in reality it is the evidence of pride and impatience. This suggests that having patience and a controlled temper is honored above being a soldier. In a land where safety depended on strength and skill in warfare, this statement may seem unusual. Yet this verse says that conquering oneself is of greater virtue than conquering a city (v. 32). We make our own decisions, but the Lord alone determines what happens (v. 33).


There have been times when I have been caught up in taking sides and putting other Christians down. I want to try to prevent this from happening to me in the future. (I Peter 4:19-23).

Proverbs 16:27-33 (English Standard Version)

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