Abram and Melchizedek

I remember a massive oak tree on the farm where I grew up, and a vine covered its trunk. The vine started small and over the years the entire lower half of the tree was covered by it’s creepers. The mass was so thick that many birds had built their nests there. At this poin … More


After a brief look at Lot, we are taken back to Abraham (v. 13). When word reached Abraham that Lot had been captured, he could easily have shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, Lot has gotten what he deserves! He should have stayed away from Sodom in the first place.” The weakness of the flesh could have suggested a thousand reasons why Abraham should not become involved. The wisdom of the world would suggest that he open negotiations with the victorious kings, but Abraham would have nothing to do with compromise (vv. 14-16). He must act in the will of God and act quickly. Within the hour he had mobilized 318 of his own people and was marching northward. Abraham divided his small company and took advantage of the clouds by night. He smote with all his might. An incredible victory took place, and Lot and his family were rescued.

Returning in victory, Abraham received a visit from two kings. The first meeting was with the king of Salem (vv. 17-20), who came to bestow a blessing. Some authors feel that he was an actual appearance of God Himself. At any rate, we know that his name was Melchizedek and that he was a believer in the Most High God. The other meeting was with the king of Sodom (vv. 21-24), who said, “Give me the persons and take the goods to thyself.” The king of Sodom wanted the souls, Abraham could have the spoils. Satan is still trying to get us to trade souls for spoils. Abraham would have no part in that offer.


When I am faced with weaker brothers and sisters in Christ who are being carried away by hurtful and hateful lusts, what should I do, based on what Abraham did? I should not turn my back and have nothing to do with them but let them know that I care for them and desire to see them have victory in their Christian life. God hates sin but he loves the sinner and we can never do something so bad that He does not still love us amd we should do the same.

Genesis 14:13-24 (English Standard Version)

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