An Opportunity to Make a Fresh Start

Bill McCartney retired as the head coach of the Colorado football team several years ago. His reason for retirement was not because he was unsuccessful as a coach. His teams had won the national championship. They had been in the top 10 many times. McCartney said that he was reti … More


In addition to a new beginning God promised to make a New Covenant with His people (vv. 31-37). Here is the promise of a “New Covenant.” This is the only mention of a “New Covenant” in the OT (v. 31). There are some differences between the old and new covenants (vv. 32-34).

  1. The Sinai covenant demanded obedience, while the new covenant offers forgiveness of sin.
  2. The old covenant was written on stone, while the new covenant is carved on the hearts.
  3. The old covenant was between God and Israel, the new covenant is between God and believers.

Ezekiel indicated that this change will result from God’s bestowal of the Holy Spirit on these believers (Ezek. 36:24-32). In Old Testament times the Holy Spirit did not universally indwell all believers. Thus one different aspect of the New Testament is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in all believers (Joel 2:28-32). Another key element of the New Covenant is the preservation of Israel (vv. 35-37). God has the power to do away with His people but that isn’t His plan.

The third aspect of God’s new relationship will be the establishment of a new city for His people. Jerusalem, the city that symbolizes God’s relationship with His people, was destroyed by Babylon (vv. 38-40). But even before that event took place God promised that the city will be rebuilt. These points mark the boundries of restored Jerusalem in the days of Nehemiah.


God never goes back on His promises. When He promised to save me it was immediately when I asked Him to do it and it is for all eternity.

Jeremiah 31:31-40 (English Standard Version)

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