Better to Have Wisdom Than Gold

Dishonesty and injustice often cause great leaders to topple in shame. Think of what happened a few years ago to Richard Nixon, President of the United States. It was because he tolerated evil thoughts and tried to cover up for the bad deeds of others that he was forced out of of … More


Rulers should hate wrongdoing and value honesty (v. 12). They should value honesty not only in themselves but in others also. Right and just lips are the delight of a king, and he loves those who speaks what is right (v. 13). If someone angers a king he runs the risk of being put to death and only wisdom can appease his anger (v. 14). We find here a contrast between the king’s friendly countenance and the countenance of wrath (v.15). The look of friendliness is compared with the cloud of the latter rain. The latter rain came at the end of the growing season and at just the right time to mature the crops. A happy king was to the people like the latter rain. His countenance was important to the nation. Unless he had a friendly countenance the nation would wither and die or at best lead a stunted existence. The same is true with leadership today.

Wisdom is more desirable than gold, and understanding than silver (v. 16). The person who has wisdom and understanding has the best of this world and the world to come. Therefore he should guard himself from desires and appetites that lead him into sin (v. 17). The highway of the upright is plainly marked. That which does not begin with the fear of the Lord and steer clear of the highway of iniquity is nothing but Satan’s counterfeit. It is easy to be deceived by a counterfeit. It could be soap operas and some people even let sports become their God.


I want honesty to be a character trait that is evident in my life. It is so easy to have blind spots and not be truthful and honest in every area of my life.

Proverbs 16:12-17 (English Standard Version)

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