Blessing on Israel

R. G. Lee, a great Southern Baptist evangelist used to preach a sermon entitled “Pay Day Some Day.” This is very true of people who are not Christians and also in the lives of people who are Christians. However, this will come true in a different way in the lives … More


Biblical scholars say that the mountains spoken of in this passage are symbolic of the power and strength of Israel, which is the key nation in God’s plan for the ages and the only nation chosen to be the means of bringing God’s blessings to the world. These blessings are stated in summary form in the covenant God made to Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3). However, when Israel became proud and thought they could get away with evil, they needed to be chastised. God would first use the nations to judge and punish Israel (vv. 1-7) and restore the people (vv. 8-15). These “ancient heights” refers to the promised land, the land of Israel. Israel’s enemies not only challenged the boundaries but also God’s promises to Israel.

It is at this point in Israel’s history that this chapter commences and gives an outline of God’s dealing with her in His plan through the future Millennial Kingdom, or age. The “mountains of Israel” has reference to the whole land of Israel. Because of her wickedness, as dealt with repeatedly in earlier chapters, the land was justly made desolate by the hand of the Lord using the kings of Assyria and Babylon as the instruments. The “residue of the heavens,” the nations around her not yet brought into judgement, then occupied her. But when these nations, and particularly Idumea (Edom), gloated over Israel’s calamity and took the land for themselves. God in jealousy speaks against them. Edom as we saw in chapter 35 and Obadiah, met their judgment, never to exist as a nation. In contrast; Israel, though out of the land for a time for the purpose of chastening, will be regathered from among the nations. Her land will then become fruitful and her population increase. Her land devours her people no longer, and she will be a nation respected rather than insulted.


I have trusted Christ as my Saviour and know I’m on my way to heaven because of His mercy.

Ezekiel 36:1-15 (English Standard Version)

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