Blessings in the Millennial Kingdom

There is a difference between forgiveness and restoration. Some wrongly assume that saying your sorry is enough. But the truth is that the victim can often see the difference between a hastily uttered apology and genuine repentance. Consider the example of an abuser saying, … More


In chapters 1-34, Isaiah has delivered a message of judgment on all nations for their rejection of God. Chapter 34 spoke of great distress when God will judge all people for their actions. In this chapter, Isaiah contrasts the barrenness of Edom with the blossoming of Israel.

  1. Restoration of the Land. (vv. 1-2). He prophesies that a time will come when “the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.” (v. 1). He says that the desert areas of Israel shall one day blossom more beautifully than the grandeur of the cedar forests in Lebanon (v. 2). This chapter pictures the millennial reign of Christ and the days when life will be peaceful and everything will be made right.
  2. Restoration of Physical Health (vv. 3-6). This condition will not come, however, until after God’s judgment on the world (chap. 34). In the millennial age the Lord will restore the sick. The weak will be strong; the fearful will be courageous; the blind will see and the deaf will hear. The crippled will leap like a deer and the mute will speak.
  3. Restoration of Spiritual Life (vv. 7-10). The messianic kingdom will be a “highway of holiness.” Only believers will enter the millennial kingdom (v. 8). Those who have been redeemed, those who have been ransomed by the blood of Christ will live in the Messiah’s kingdom amid everlasting joy.


God is preparing a way for His people to travel to heaven, and He will walk with us. God never stops at simply pointing the way, but He is always beside me as I go. All I need to do is trust Him to lead me each step of the way.

Isaiah 35:1-10 (English Standard Version)

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