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Dr. Ian Paisley, the fiery Irish cleric and politician was reputed to have been preaching one Sunday on the End Times - and in particular on the Day of Judgement. As he reached the climax of his address he said that on the Day of Judgement “there would be wailing and gnash … More


For we must all stand before Christ to be judged (v. 10. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body. It appears that Paul is trying to persuade men of his own sincerity. He has no doubt whatever that in the sight of God his hands are clean. A person’s eternal destiny will not be determined at the judgment seat of Christ. As a born-again Christian our entrance into heaven was settled at Calvary (John 5:24). However, all believers must one day stand before the “judgment seat of Christ,” which will follow the rapture of the church. This “judgment seat” must not be confused with the great white  throne judgment which will take  place after the millennium and is where Christ will judge the wicked (Revelation 20:11-15). At the “judgment seat of Christ” believers will not have to face their sins but will have to give an account of their works and service for the Lord.

Paul now gives three ways that a Christian may prepare for the “judgment seat of Christ:”

  1. He must maintain a clear conscience  (v. 11). As we live and work here on earth, it is easy for us to hide things and pretend, but at the “judgment seat” all things will be  revealed. Our motives as well as our works will be
  2. He must not depend on the praise of men (v. 12). The Judaizers in Paul’s day loved the  praise of men. If we live only for the praise of men we will not win the praise of God.
  3. He must ignore the criticism of men (v. 13). Paul was willing to be thought of as a fool. Who would be crazy enough to walk back into a city where he had just been stoned and dragged out, except a person who was utterly devoted to Christ (Acts 14:19-20)?


The day is coming when I will stand before the “judgment seat of Christ.” Lord, help me to be able to not be ashamed as I give an answer for what I have done in this body.

II Corinthians 5:10-13 (English Standard Version)

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