Changing Water into Wine

An Eastern king was seated in a garden. “Show me a sign", said the king, “and I will believe in your God. “Here are four acorns,” said the counselor. “Plant them in the ground, and then for a moment look into this clear pool of water.” The king … More

Jesus with His six new disciples traveled from Bethany near Jericho, to Nathaniel’s hometown of Cana in Galilee, which is about a two days’ journey on foot. Since Cana is near Nazareth, perhaps Jesus stopped in his home town. Jesus and his disciples are invited to a wedding in Cana. The names of the bride and groom are not given but in all probability, Mary (Jesus’ Mother) was a good friend (vv. 1-2).

At the wedding a crisis situation occurs. Since Jewish weddings lasted a week it was necessary for the groom to have adequate provisions. All the wine was used up so Mary turned to Jesus in hopes that He could solve the problem (vv. 3-5). Jesus asks the servants to fill the six water pots (20 to 30 gallons each) which were used for Jewish purification rites (vv. 6-7), before and after meals (Matthew 15:1-2). When they were full, He told them to take some to the master of the banquet (v. 8). When he tasted it, he said it was the best wine they had yet (vv. 9-10). The fact that this was the first miracle proves as false the stories that Jesus had performed miracles as a child.

Dr Ironside says; “It was a wonderful miracle, and yet after all, it was just a duplication of what our Lord Jesus has been doing for ages on ten thousand hillsides, changing water into wine.” It is interesting to note that our Lord’s first miracle was but a spectacular event that everyone witnessed. The only ones who knew what had happened were Mary, the disciples and the servants.


Just like Dr. Ironside said, the Lord is performing miracles every day in my life. I just need to recognize them and praise Him.

John 2:1-12 (English Standard Version)

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