Children Need to Revere Their Parents

The story is told of a great English preacher, FB Meyer, and his struggle with jealousy when another great English preacher, G. Campbell Morgan, returned to England after being in America. Meyer said to some friends, “It was easy to pray for the success of Morgan when he was … More


Any who rejoice over the misfortune of others are actually mocking God (v. 5). Since the poor are made in God’s image, as all people are, to mock them is to speak against God. I have known people to rejoice when the group they felt in competition with suffered loss and their group became the more prominent one. This is a very wrong and dangerous thing to do and what the warning of this verse is all about. Older folk tend to find great joy in their grandchildren. Also children need to reverence their parents and honor them by showing respect (v. 6).

This passage refers to various forms of injustice; such as lying, bribing, and gossiping (vv. 7-9). The lip is an organ of the heart. “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh (Matthew 12:34).  Excellent speech reveals an upright heart. Lying lips reveal the heart of a fool (v. 7). Good words from the mouth of an evil man are distasteful and out of place, because the life fails to back up the words. Solomon considers a gift given as a bribe (v. 8). At first glance this verse might appear to be encouraging bribery but we know that it isn’t from other scripture (Proverbs 15:27; Deuteronomy 16:19; Exodus 23:8).

To “cover over a transgression” does not mean to take a light view of sin and let it go unrebuked.  The warning in this verse is to the man who goes about peddling information gained in the confidentiality of such encounters (v. 9). His gossiping will end many friendships and cast reproach upon the name of the Lord. Gossip only hurts people and makes things worse.


I need to pray for people in sister organizations that are doing the same type of ministry I am.   Instead of ignoring them I need to be praying that they will have success.

Proverbs 17:5-9 (English Standard Version)

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