Clear Teaching of The Word

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Here we find Jesus pronouncing condemnation against the cities in which some of His most significant miracles had occurred (vv. 20-24). Chorazin was a village about two and a half miles north of Capernaum; Bethsaida was about three miles east. Both of these cities were in Galilee and both had witnessed Jesus’ ministry firsthand. They would be judged for seeing the Messiah and then rejecting Him. How tragic it had been that these cities did not seem to appreciate the opportunities they had to see and hear Christ and be saved! By contrast the godless Gentile cities of Tyre, Sidon and Sodom would have repented had they seen the miracles that Jesus and His disciples had performed (vv. 20-22). Capernaum even had the privilege of having Jesus make His home there.

Greater privileges only bring greater responsibilities and greater judgment. Korazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum in spite of their greater “light” rejected the Messiah and today are in total ruins (vv. 23-24). Similarly nations and cities with churches on every corner and Bibles in every home will have no excuse on Judgment Day if they do not repent and believe. Does this not make us more responsible to the Lord for all the good teaching we have had and just the fact that we have a Bible to read. Think of those in other parts of the world who have never heard and many who do not even have a Bible. Any person living in the United States can tune in to radio or television and hear the Gospel almost every day. Doesn’t it stand to reason that there is going to be greater judgment for people in our country than in parts of the world where they haven’t had this opportunity?


What clear teaching from the Word of God have I heard in the past month that I have not acted on?  What steps do I need to take today to do what I know the Lord wants me to do? There will never be a better time to start than today.

Matthew 11:20-24 (English Standard Version)

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