Comfort of Restoration

A story is told of how Paganini once came into the concert room, took the violin, and touched the strings. First one string broke, and a smile went round the room; then another string broke, and there was more audible expression of mockery; when a third string broke, many p … More


The book of Isaiah makes a dramatic switch of emphasis at this point. Where the previous chapters are filled with messages of judgment, this chapter and the following emphasizes restoration and deliverance. We need to keep in mind that as Isaiah wrote these prophecies of restoration, Judah still had over 100 years of difficulty ahead of her before she would fall to Babylon and then be forced into 70 years of captivity. However, instead of warning the people of impending judgment, Isaiah comforts them. The people saw failure and sin and needed encouragement. Four voices are heard:

  1. The voice of pardon (vv. 1-2) - The nation had sinned greatly against the Lord but they were His people and He loved them and would not forsake them.
  2. The voice of providence (vv. 3-5) - Isaiah calls out to the people to “prepare for the way of the Lord” (v. 3) and His glory (v. 5). The wilderness (v. 3) is a picture of life’s trials.
  3. The voice of promise (vv. 6-8) - People here are compared to grass and flowers that wither to God who never fails and endures forever. As Israel begins its long journey home, the people can depend on God’s promises.
  4. The voice of peace (vv 9-11) - God’s arm is a mighty arm for the battle (v. 10), but it is also a loving arm for carrying His weary lambs (v. 11).

In creating the universe God did not need anyone to help Him (vv. 12-14). Compared to the One who holds the oceans in His hands the nations of the earth are nothing (vv. 15-17).


When my life seems to be falling apart, I need to go to God for comfort. I may not escape adversity, but I can find God’s comfort as I face it.

Isaiah 40:1-17 (English Standard Version)

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