Comparison of the Natural and Spiritual Body

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In our passage today we are told about a bigger change than this (vv. 45-50). In the previous passage, we were told that the body is buried in corruption because it is going to decay; but it is raised with such a nature that it cannot decay. With this change there is no decay or death in heaven. The expression “last Adam,” (v. 45), was coined by the Apostle Paul as a reference to Christ. Today we have a “natural body,” that is, a body suited to an earthly environment. We received this body from our first parent, Adam. Adam was made from the dust of the ground and so are we (Gen. 2:7). Our resurrection body will be made in the image of Jesus Christ, the last Adam. In His resurrection body, He was able to move quickly from place to place, even through locked doors; yet He was able to eat food and His disciples were able to touch and feel Him (John 20:19-29).

The point that Paul seems to be making in this passage is that the resurrection body completes the work of redemption and transforms us into the image of our Savior (vv. 46-48). It was the natural which came first; it was the spiritual which came afterward. We are made in the image of God, as far as personality is concerned. We are made in the image of Adam, as far as the body is concerned.  One day we will bear the image of our Savior, when we are in heaven (v. 49). Our first birth gave us that which is natural, but our second birth gives us that which is spiritual. The certainty of the resurrection is verified by the reality of human earthly existence.  God rejects the first birth and says, “Ye must be born again!” If we depend on our first birth, we will be condemned forever; but if we experience the new birth, we shall live with Christ forever (v. 50).


When I am resurrected, God will give me a changed, eternal body suited to my new eternal life.

I Corinthians 15:45-50 (English Standard Version)

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