Conclusion of Hezekiah’s Reign

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This passage concerns an interesting event in Hezekiah’s life. This took place before the Assyrian invasion and it was front-line news.  Imagine how the people of Judah must have reacted when they heard their king was “sick unto death” (v. 1) and at the same time the Assyrians are on the march.  We are not told exactly what his sickness was, but we do know it included a boil (v. 21).

When Isaiah told the king he was going to die, he began to pray and to weep (vv 2-3). He reminded the Lord that he had “walked before Him in truth and with a perfect heart” (v. 3). In response to Hezekiah’s request, the Lord promised through Isaiah that the king’s life would be prolonged for 15 years (vv 4-5).  God then confirms His promise to Isaiah by a sign of moving the sundial back ten degrees (vv 6-8; II Kings 20:8), which some Bible scholars say is about 20 minutes. Hezekiah wrote a song telling us how he felt during his experience of illness and recovery. He had:

1. A new appreciation of life (vv 9-12)

2. A new appreciation for prayer (vv 13-14)

3. A new appreciation of opportunities for service (vv 15-20)

Hezekiah realized that his prayer brought deliverance and forgiveness.  He knew that God had spared his life. He also recognized the good that came from his bitter experience (vv 16-18). He then spoke of the significance of passing the joy of the Lord from the father to his children (v. 19).


In response to fervent prayer, God may change the course of my life just as he did for Hezekiah.  I should never hesitate to ask God for miracles as long as I plan to honor Him when it happens.

Isaiah 38:1-22 (English Standard Version)

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