Delilah Leads Samson to his Doom

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Even though Samson had already gotten into trouble with two women he now gets involved with a third woman in the valley of Sorek which was not far from his home (v. 4). It was here that Delilah came into his life and led him to his doom. Three times Delilah enticed Samson, and three times he lied to her (vv. 6-16). She did this to receive a reward of eleven hundred pieces of silver (approximately 30 pounds) from each of five lords of the Philistines (v. 5). They wanted information that would lead to the capture of Samson who was now regarded as a national menace.

We find the tragic results of a man who chooses to go his way and reject the counsel of loved ones. He would not let God have his way in his life. From here on Samson does nothing but lose (vv 17-22). Finally, Samson told her the truth. He tells how his hair has never been cut, and if it is ever cut his strength will leave him, and he will be as weak as anyone else.

  1. He loses his hair. - (v. 19)
  2. He loses his strength. - (v. 20)
  3. He loses his sight. - (v. 21)
  4. He loses his liberty. (v. 21)
  5. He loses his testimony.


Do you know of anyone who has been greatly used of the Lord and then has fallen because of the sin of immorality? This is one of the chief ways Satan has used to tear down the ministry of men from the beginning of time right up to this present day. I must never get the mistaken idea that it is impossible for this to happen to me. The only way to be sure of remaining pure is to stay close to the Lord and make this a part of my daily prayer life.

Judges 16:4-22 (English Standard Version)

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