Demonic Son is Healed

When Jimmy Swaggart defied the orders of the Assemblies of God to refrain from preaching for one year, he assured the public that he was free of moral defect, for, he said, Oral Roberts had cast out the demons from his body over the phone. Oral Roberts confirmed Swaggart’s … More


When Jesus and the three disciples returned from the mountain they found the other disciples trying to cast a demon out of a young boy but not being able to do so (vv. 37-40). They had the power and authority but apparently they had not relied on God in prayer to cast out the demon (v. 1). When Jesus arrived and was told what had happened, He immediately restored the boy and the crowd that had gathered was amazed (vv. 41-43. Then Jesus took the twelve aside for another lesson about the cross and the fact that He would die by being betrayed into the hands of men (v. 44). However, they did not understand as it was hid from them (v. 45).

Next we find the disciples arguing over who is the greatest (v. 46). Jesus tells them that true greatness is achieved by humility. He told them that the one who is the greatest is the one who is least among you. He then uses a little child as an illustration to show the way of true greatness (vv. 47- 48). The child is an example of simple faith, sincerity and dependence. John then tells how he tried to stop someone who was driving out demons in Jesus’ name. John’s reasoning was that this man was not one of us (vv. 49-50). The Lord rebukes John for such a narrow sectarian spirit. Our pride can be easily be hurt when someone else succeeds where we have failed, but Jesus says there is no room for such jealousy. We should never allow ourselves to think  that our group is the only group God recognizes and blesses.


I need to serve the Lord the best I can, exposing false teachers and unsound doctrine, yet not be ruled by a spirit of divisiveness that condemns anyone who does not conform to my way of doing things.

Luke 9:37-50 (English Standard Version)

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