Depending on The Power of God

Last July the nation’s deadliest forest fire blazed up all at once, like the roar of a tornado. Unable to escape, 14 firefighters were killed. But, in the sovereignty of God, Brad Haugh managed to survive. At about 2 p.m., Haugh and his partner broke for lunch. As he opene … More


The prophet is shown a vision of two baskets of figs (v. 1). One was a basket of good figs, the other of rotten, stinking and smelly figs (vv. 2-3). God said “These figs are like the people.” The good figs represented those who are going to be carried captive to Babylon (vv 4-7). This was kind of surprising, because if you lived in Judah in those days, you would have said, “The worst thing that could happen to me would be to be taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar and carried into Babylon.” However, what looked like the worst thing to them, was the best thing in God’s eyes. God promised to watch over the remnant in captivity and bring them back to the land (Ezek.11:16-17). He also promised to give them a new heart so they will know him (Jer. 4:22). This will be fulfilled in the future when God again regathers Israel at the beginning of Christ’s millennial reign on earth.

The leaders of Judah were prone to trust their political allies and lean on the arm of flesh instead of depending on the power of God. To emphasize the difference, Jeremiah contrasted a desert bush with a fruitful tree by the water. The poor figs represented the apostates who remained in the land to support Zedekiah and the other survivors who were determined, with the help of Egypt to resist Babylon (v.  8). They eventually fled to Egypt. They were ridiculed wherever they went (v. 9). God would send instruments of judgment upon them such as sword, famine and plague until they were all destroyed (v. 10). Those survivors had felt blessed of God, but in reality they were cursed.


Regardless of what happens in my life I need to accept what God is doing and know it is for my good  and that His love for me is greater that anyone on this earth.

Jeremiah 24:1-10 (English Standard Version)

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