Division of the Land

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In dividing the millennial land among the people, God will give seven tribes portions in the northern part of the land (vv.1-7). Proceeding from the north these tribes will be Dan (v. 1), Asher (v. 2), Naphtali (v. 3), Manasseh (v. 4), Ephraim (v. 5), Reuben (v. 6), and Judah (v. 7).

The central band of land was allotted to the prince, the priests, and the Levites (vv. 8-22). That central portion will also include the city of Jerusalem and its suburbs. The city will be laid out as a square 7,875 feet (4,500 cubits) on each side and will cover approximately 2.2 square miles (v. 16). Jerusalem will be surrounded by a band of land 4371½ feet (250 cubits) wide, which will serve as pastureland for flocks and herds belonging to people living in the city (v. 17). On either side of the city proper will be two portions of land 3.3 miles (10,000 cubits) long (v. 18) and 1.65 miles (5,000 cubits) wide (v. 15). This farmland will be cultivated to supply food for the workers of the city.

The lower part of the land will be allotted to the five remaining tribes (vv. 23-29). Proceeding southward these will be Benjamin (v. 23), Simeon (v. 24), Issachar (v. 25), Zebulun (v. 26), and Gad (v. 27). The locations of all 12 tribes will differ from their locations during Joshua’s time to the captivities (Josh. 13-19). In describing the gates of the new city of Jerusalem, Ezekiel brought the city “full circle” from what it was at the beginning of his book (vv. 30-35). The city doomed for destruction will be restored to glory.


I thank the Lord that I have the privilege and opportunity to be in His Word every day. I am certain that if I didn’t have this constant input from His Word I would be far from Him.

Ezekiel 48:1-35 (English Standard Version)

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