Duties of The Gate Keepers

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1.   Guards are assigned to the Temple. (vv. 1-19)

The temple guards were divided into groups according to clans or families. The Korah clan had seven sons (vv. 1-3). Obed-Edom was blessed with eight sons (vv. 4-7). There were 62 descendants of Obed-Eden who were guards at the temple (v. 8). Eighteen descendants of Meshelemiah were chosen for this work (v. 9). Thirteen men from Hosah’s family were also chosen to be temple guards (vv. 10-12). Each group, no matter how large or small, was assigned a gate to guard (vv. 13-19). 

2.   Guards are assigned to the Treasury. (vv. 20-28)

The Levites who were relatives of the Korahites and the Meraiites oversaw the guarding the temple treasury (v. 20). Laden and Jehieli’s clans took this responsibility (vv. 21-23). Shebuel, a descendant of Gershom, the son of Moses was the official in charge (vv. 24-25). Shelomoth oversaw all the gifts that were dedicated to the Lord (vv. 26-28).

3.   Other Officers are assigned their duties. (vv. 29-32)

Hashabiah from the Hebron clan and 1,700 of his skilled relatives were the officials in charge of all religious and government business in the Israelite territories west of the Jordan River. (v. 29-32). David found out about these men during the fortieth year of his rule, when he made a list of all the families in the Hebron clan.


Jesus stands guard at the gate of heaven to let me in because of His payment for my sin.

I Chronicles 26:1-32 (English Standard Version)

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