Duties of The Priests

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1.   David assigns the Priests their Duties. (vv. 1-19)

Aaron’s descendants were divided into work groups (v. 1). Aaron had four sons but two died (Nadab and Abihu) (v. 2). That is why Eleazar and Ithamar served as priests. David divided these descendants into groups according to their abilities (v. 3). Eleazar’s descendants were divided into 16 groups, and Ithamar’s were divided into eight groups (v. 4). However, both families included temple officials and priests (v. 5). The duties and leaders were written down and the witnesses were David and his officials (v. 6). Each group of priests went by the name of their family leader (vv. 7-18). These men were assigned their duties at the temple (v. 19).

2.   The rest of the Levites are assigned their duties. (vv. 20-31)

A complete list of the descendants of Levi are given (vv. 20-30). Each one was assigned his duties in the same way that their relatives the priests had been assigned their duties (v. 31).


Just as the Priests and the Levites had their special duties to perform in their days of temple worship, it is my duty to carry out God’s plan for my life to share Christ with anyone I can with compassion, power, and boldness.

I Chronicles 24:1-31 (English Standard Version)

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