Eliphaz Accuses And Exhorts Job

Lincoln once had a man draw a revolver on him. “What seems to be the matter?” inquired Lincoln, with all the calmness and self-possession he could muster. “Well,” replied the stranger, who did not appear at all excited, “some years ago I swore an oa … More


Eliphaz made three serious accusations against Job;

  1. Job is a sinner (vv. 1-11).
    1. He accuses Job of the sin of pride (vv. 1-5).
    2. He accuses Job of covetousness (v. 6).
    3. He accuses Job of lack of mercy and compassion (vv. 7-9).
    4. He says Job is suffering great trials because of his many sins (vv. 10-11).
  2. He is hiding his sins (vv. 12-20). He says Job is a hypocrite.
    1. He advised Job to look up (vv. 12-14).
    2. He advised Job to look back (vv. 15-18).
    3. He said your foes are destroyed (vv. 19-20).
  3. He must confess his sins and repent before God can help him (vv. 21-30).
    1. Submit to God and be at peace with Him (v. 21).
    2. Listen to His Word and obey what He says (v. 22).
    3. Put away sin (v. 23).
    4. Make God your greatest treasure (vv. 24-25).
    5. Delight in the Lord and not in earthly wealth or pleasure (v. 26).                
    6. Pray and seek God’s face (v. 27).
    7. Do His will as He gives direction and light (v. 28).
    8. Help others who have fallen (vv. 29-30).


If I like Job am truly seeking God, I can stand up to others accusations as well as my own nagging doubts. If I am falsely accused I shouldn’t get upset, but try to see how the lord wants to use this in my life. If God has forgiven and accepted me I am forgiven indeed and don’t need to be concerned about what others say or think.

Job 22:1-30 (English Standard Version)

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