Events Preceding the Kingdom

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  1. Israel will be exiled to Babylon. Jerusalem, why are you crying? Don’t you have a king? Have your advisors gone? Are you suffering like a woman in childbirth” (v. 9)? Micah is predicting the end of the kings. This was a drastic statement to the people of Judah, who thought that their kingdom would last forever. Keep on groaning with pain, you people of Jerusalem (v. 10)!
  2. Nations gather against Israel. He goes on to say that Babylon would destroy the land of Judah and carry away its king, but after a while God would help His people return to their land. “If you escape from your city to the countryside, you will still be taken as prisoners to Babylonia. But later I will rescue you from your enemies. Zion, because of your sins you are surrounded by many nations who say, We can hardly wait to see you disgraced (v. 11).” But they don’t know that I, the LORD, have gathered them here to grind them like grain (v. 12). Smash them to pieces, Zion (v. 13)! I’ll let you be like a bull with iron horns and bronze hoofs. Crush those nations and bring their wealth to me, the LORD of the earth.” This all happened just as Micah prophesied (II Chron. 36:9-23 and Ezra 1:2). When God reveals the future, His purpose goes beyond satisfying our curosity. He wants us to change our present behavior because of what we know about the future.


Forever begins now, and a glimpse of God’s plan for his followers should motivate me to serve Him, no matter what the rest of the world may say.

Micah 4:9-13 (English Standard Version)

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