Evil Men Seek Rebellion

An usher once handed the famous evangelist D.L. Moody a note as he entered the auditorium. The evangelist thought that it was an announcement, so he prepared to read it. Opening the folded piece of paper he found scrawled in large print only one word: “Fool.” Equa … More


No matter how much you beat on a fool he will not change; but gently rebuke a wise man and he will take it to heart (v. 10). The wise man realizes his limitations and is thankful for correction while a fool is unresponsive. Have you ever heard the expression, “There is no fool like an old fool?” This is probably true. The older a person becomes the more set he becomes in his ways and the harder it is to admit that he is wrong. “An evil man seeketh only rebellion” (v. 11). He wants to do only his own thing. Eventually he will be brought to justice and punished by a merciless official. To contend with this person is like doing battle with a mother bear that has been robbed of her cubs. She will be dangerous but a worse danger is meeting a fool (v. 12).

You will always have trouble if you are mean to those who are good to you (v. 13). How many times a lifelong contention has begun with a few hasty words. If it had been repented of and apologized for immediately, years of sorrow could have been averted. Starting a quarrel may seem like a minor matter. It is like a leak in a dam that could be stopped with a pebble, if noticed and taken care of in the beginning. However, if it is neglected the hole will get larger and larger until at last the dam breaks and it destroys everything in front of it (v. 14).



How well I respond to correction is important? It is so easy to become angry toward those who rebuke me when I need to be grateful for their suggestions?

Proverbs 17:10-14 (English Standard Version)

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