False Prophets Condemned

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False Prophets

In this passage warning was directed against false prophets whose messages were not from God, but were intended to win popularity by saying whatever the people wanted to hear. The character, method and judgement of these false prophets is revealed in this portion of Scripture. Satan has his counterfeit prophets today, as one group is described above. They are described as those who speak after the wisdom of men and have seen false revelations due to their closeness to the god of this world, who works in the hearts of the disobedient. In fact, there are times when even they themselves are deceived, thinking their message is from God.

God’s view of the false prophet is given (vv. 2-9). Man’s ways are opposed to God’s ways and are thus in error. He is also foolish, because he has not seen a vision or revelation from God. When they should have been building a strong social and moral house in Israel they were in direct contact with Satan and his host. This occult was so real to them that they thought their message was from God.

God says these false prophets are like the foxes in the deserts, who only destroy (v. 4). We have a saying that some people are as sly as a fox and this is true of false prophets. It is amazing how groups will form and follow the leadership of these false prophets, even to the point of death. An example of this was the group of over 900 people who followed Jim Jones to Jonestown, Guyana in 1978. They followed his instruction as they all drank poison kool aid and died. The characteristics of these kind of leaders are described as vanity and lying with a vision that is vain (vv. 6-9).


I need to be very careful about people who bend the truth in their quest for popularity and power.

Ezekiel 13:1-9 (English Standard Version)

The word of the LORD came to me: "Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel, who are prophesying, and say to those who prophesy from their own hearts: 'Hear the word of the LORD!' Thus says the Lord GOD, Woe to the foolish prophets who follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing! Your prophets have been like jackals among ruins, O Israel. You have not gone up into the breaches, or built up a wall for the house of Israel, that it might stand in battle in the day of the LORD. They have seen false visions and lying divinations. They say, 'Declares the LORD,' when the LORD has not sent them, and yet they expect him to fulfill their word. Have you not seen a false vision and uttered a lying divination, whenever you have said, 'Declares the LORD,' although I have not spoken?" Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: "Because you have uttered falsehood and seen lying visions, therefore behold, I am against you, declares the Lord GOD. My hand will be against the prophets who see false visions and who give lying divinations. They shall not be in the council of my people, nor be enrolled in the register of the house of Israel, nor shall they enter the land of Israel. And you shall know that I am the Lord GOD."

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