Fools Think Their Ways Are Right

The most classic example of a modern servant leader was Sam Walton. He despised corporate fat cats. He could, and would, handle the cash register as well as stock the shelves in any of his Wal-Mart stores. He drove an old, rusty, dented pickup not to prove a point but because it … More


It is sort of surprising to read in verse six that a mocker actually seeks wisdom. It just goes to show you that a lack of desire is not the problem but it is a lack of seeking the Lord. For those who have spiritual discernment knowledge is easily acquired. When you can see that a man’s heart is full of foolishness you need to stay away from him (v. 7). To argue or try to reason with him is useless. Being around him will only tend to influence us for wrong.

Fools think their ways are right (v. 8). When he sins, he even makes fun of asking forgiveness and trying to make things right (v. 9). In contrast the upright come with a deep sense of their own sinfulness and receive the favor of the Lord.

Every person experiences his own joys and bitterness and no one else can perfectly understand those inter-feelings except the Lord (v. 10). Other people may have similar experiences but never exactly the same. A house appears to be far more stable than a tent. However, the house of the wicked shall be overthrown while the tent of the upright shall stand and flourish (v. 11). This probably has reference to possessions and family members.


Because something looks good does not mean that it is good. Looks can really deceive us. That is why we need God’s wisdom in everything we do. He knows what is best and wants to direct us in that way.

Proverbs 14:6-12 (English Standard Version)

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