Fulfilment of Prophecy

Henry Martyn, a Cambridge University student, was honored at only 20 years of age for his achievements in mathematics. He was given the highest recognition possible in that field, and yet he felt an emptiness inside. He said that instead of finding fulfillment in his achievements … More

The life and death of our Lord was a fulfillment of many prophecies. When He said “I thirst,” this was also a fulfillment of Scripture (Psalm 69:21) as well as the putting of vinegar to His lips (vv. 28-29). There were physical reasons for His thirst (Psalm 22:15) but there were also spiritual reasons (Psalm 42:1-2). When He said “it is finished” He meant that His redemptive work was completed or the debt for sin had been paid in full (v. 30). The blood of the Old Testament sacrifices could never take away sin; it only covered sin. The blood of the Lamb of God, His Son, can take away the sins of the world (John 1:29).

Because of the law, a body was not to remain on a cross overnight (Deut. 21:22-23). This caused the Jews to be anxious to hurry up the death process so the Roman soldiers were sent to break the legs (vv. 31-32). A person on the cross would press on his legs to lift his chest to breathe. If the legs were  broken, the chest cavity would bear the pressure of the body’s weight and the victim would not be able to breathe; this would hasten death. Without this procedure, a person could live for many hours and sometimes even days. When they came to Jesus, they found that He was already dead so His legs were not broken (v. 33). This only confirmed the fact that Jesus “gave up the ghost” Himself and He was not killed. The fact that they did not break Jesus’ legs and that they pierced His side is also a fulfillment of prophecy (Psalm 34:20  and  Zechariah 12:10) (v. 34). It is interesting to note that even these wicked soldiers were completing the plan of God (vv. 35-36). All of this happened so that the Scriptures would come true, which say, “No bone of his body will be broken” and, “They will see the one in whose side they stuck a spear” (v. 37).


Think of the reality of Jesus dying on the cross to pay for your sin and mine.  It is something that I will never fully understand in this life. I need to thank Him more often for dying for me.

John 19:28-37 (English Standard Version)

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