Gideon’s Sense of Justice

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Returning from the battle, Gideon caught a young man who lived in Succoth. Gideon asked him who the town officials of Succoth were, and the young man wrote down seventy-seven names (vv. 13-14). Gideon went to a couple of the town officials, Zebah and Zalmunna and questioned them as to how they had made fun of him (v. 15). Then he made a whip from thorn plants and used it to beat the town officials (v. 16). Afterwards he went to Penuel, where he tore down the tower and killed all the town officials (v. 17). Then Gideon asked Zebah and Zalmunna to tell him about the men they killed at Tabor (v. 18).” “ They were dignified and a lot like you,” the two kings answered.”

Gibeon told them that if they had not killed these men at Tabor he would spare them (v. 19). He then told his son Jether to go ahead and kill them but he was young and afraid (v. 20). “What’s the matter with you,” Zebah and Zalmunna told Gideon? “If you was not such a coward you would kill us.” At that point Gideon jumped up and killed them both (v. 21). Now that the Israelites had defeated their great foe and oppressor they requested that Gideon become their king (v. 22). Gideon’s reply was a model of noble unselfishness when he refused to accept the authority offered to him and said. “you already have a king if you will only acknowledge Him (v. 23).”


How do I respond to the praise of men? Do I tend to want to accept the praise for myself or truly acknowledge that it was all the Lord’s doing?

Judges 8:13-23 (English Standard Version)

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