God Chooses to Use Ordinary People

A gem dealer was strolling the aisles at the Tucson Gem Show when he noticed a blue-violet stone the size and shape of a potato. He looked it over, then, as calmly as possible, asked the vendor, “You want $15 for this?” The seller, realizing the rock wasn’t as pre … More


Agar the inspired writer of these verses is not mentioned anywhere else in Scripture and even though his father’s name is given there is no clue to his family or tribe  in Israel. Ithiel and Ucal are apparently his companions but are also unknown (v. 1). Agar seems to have been a plain and simple man who had little natural ability and was perhaps even below average human intelligence (vv. 2-3). Yet the Lord opened his understanding, revealing  to him great and precious things and enabled him to impart these things to not only Ithiel and Ucal but to untold thousands. God still chooses to use just ordinary people to do his work. The only answer to the five questions in this verse is God (v. 4). Man does not have by nature the ability to know by himself the nature of God.

Man can only know God  as He has revealed Himself through the written Word (v. 5). To attempt to add to what He has written is to deny the all-sufficiency of Scripture to meet and provide for every circumstance of life. There have been many frauds who have sought to add to the Scriptures by claiming to have had special revelations which we are warned about here (v. 6). Some of these are; the Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith, visions of Ellen White as found in Seventh-day Adventist literature; and certainly the unchristian and unscientific theories of Mary Baker, Glover, Patterson Eddy in Christian Science. There are two things the writer wants the Lord to do him before he dies: Make me absolutely honest and don’t let me be too poor or too rich (v. 7). Give me just what I need (v. 8). If I have too much to eat, I might forget about you; if I don’t have enough, I might steal and disgrace your name (v. 9). Don’t tell a slave owner something bad about his slave (v. 10).


The only way I will be able to know God is to spend time with Him and His word.

Proverbs 30:1-10 (English Standard Version)

The words of Agur son of Jakeh. The oracle. The man declares, I am weary, O God; I am weary, O God, and worn out. Surely I am too stupid to be a man. I have not the understanding of a man. I have not learned wisdom, nor have I knowledge of the Holy One. Who has ascended to heaven and come down? Who has gathered the wind in his fists? Who has wrapped up the waters in a garment? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is his name, and what is his son's name? Surely you know! Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar. Two things I ask of you; deny them not to me before I die: Remove far from me falsehood and lying; give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the food that is needful for me, lest I be full and deny you and say, "Who is the LORD?" or lest I be poor and steal and profane the name of my God. Do not slander a servant to his master, lest he curse you, and you be held guilty.

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