God Will Help You Resist Temptation

When you flee temptation, be sure you don’t leave a forwarding address. (Source Unknown).


Paul points out that the Corinthian church was guilty of the same sins that the Jews committed.

  1. Five downward steps of temptation for the Israelites (vv: 6-10):
    1. They lusted after evil things - (v. 6, Num. 11:4) They wanted the things back in Egypt.
    2. They worshiped idols - (v. 7, Ex. 32:6) - The golden calf worshiped in the wilderness.
    3. They committed immorality  - (v. 8, Num. 25:1-9) - Baal worship and sexual immorality.
    4. They tested God’s patience - (v. 9, Num. 21:6) - Israelites spoke against God and Moses.
    5. They murmured - (v. 10, Num. 16:41-49) - Complained about Moses and Aaron.
  2. Three conclusions about temptation in ( v. 11-13):
    1. Temptation will come. It is not designed to make us fall but to make us stronger (v. 11).
    2. Temptation comes to everyone. Don’t feel that you have been singled out (v. 12).
    3. Temptation can be resisted.  God will help you resist it (v. 13).
  3. Five ways God will help you resist temptation:
    1. Recognize the people and situations that give you trouble.
    2. Run from anything that you know is wrong.
    3. Choose to do what is right.
    4. Pray for God’s help.
    5. Seek for friends who can help you.

God knows how much temptation we can take and He always provides a way to escape (v. 13).


God promises that He will not permit me to be swept away by some overpowering temptation. However I must take advantage of God’s ways to resist temptation.

I Corinthians 10:6-13 (English Standard Version)

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