God Will Restore His People

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God told Jeremiah to write His promises of comfort in a book so they would be available to the exiles after Jerusalem fell (vv. 1-3). This book would declare a note of hope that the days are coming when God will restore His people. Jeremiah pointed to a day of restoration when God will bring the nations of Judah and Israel into a new relationship with Him and when He will set straight His accounts with the Gentile nations. The return of Israel and Judah to the land will be preceded by a time of national distress (vv.4-7). Cries of fear and terror will be heard among these captives instead of cries of peace (v. 5). Jeremiah compared the anguish of men clutching themselves in fear to a woman in labor (v. 6). The coming calamity will be so awful that none will be like it in comparison. Jeremiah characterized it as a time of trouble (v. 7).

The period will end when Christ appears to rescue His elect and establish His kingdom (v. 8-11). When God comes to rescue the nation, He will break the yoke of bondage He had placed on her neck (v. 8). This deliverance did not come when the false prophets predicted it would, but God said it will come eventually. Instead of serving foreign powers the nation will once again serve the Lord. The people will also submit to the authority of David their king whom God will raise up for them (v. 9). God’s promise of restoration was designed to give Israel hope (v. 10). God will completely destroy the nations where Israel and Judah had been scattered (v. 11).


Jeremiah presents near and distant events as if they will happen soon. He sees the exile, but he sees also the future day when Christ will reign forever (The Millinieum). I am ready for that day.

Jeremiah 30:1-11 (English Standard Version)

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