God’s Control Over His Creation

At a meeting of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Bobby Richardson, former New York Yankee second baseman, offered a prayer that is a classic in brevity and poignancy: “Dear God, Your will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Amen”. (Biblical Recorder). … More


God asked Job several questions about the animal kingdom in order to demonstrate how limited Job’s knowledge was. God was not seeking answers from Job. Instead He was getting Job to recognize and submit to God’s power and sovereignty. Only then could he hear what God was really saying.

Job was quizzed about whether he knew the exact date the goat and the deer would give birth to their young (vv. 1-3). He was also asked whether he could explain their ability to provide for their young  in such a way as to enable them to mature and look after themselves so soon (v. 4). Job remains silent  when God asked him who sent the donkey into the wilderness and gave him freedom from the crowds of the city, or the shouts of the taskmaster (vv. 5-8). The next inquiry was about the wild-ox. It was impossible to harness it like the wild donkey. It could never be made content with serving a master (v. 9). Therefore, it would be impossible to use it as a plow animal, or to depend upon it for bringing in a harvest (vv. 10-12).

The wings of the ostrich wave proudly, but they cannot lift their bodies into the sky like the wings of the stork do (v. 13). The ostrich lays her eggs and leaves them for the warmth of earth to incubate (v. 14). She ignores the danger that her nest might be crushed by the animals as they roam forging for food (v. 15). Her seeming unconcern makes it difficult for her young (v. 16). She is a stupid bird that has been deprived of wisdom and understanding (v. 17) as she mocks both horse and rider (v. 18). After these questions, a series of descriptive statements about the horse were given (vv. 19-21).

The horse never flinches before the sword (v. 22) but rushes into the battle (v. 23). His speed is so great that it makes him look like he is swallowing the ground as he races (v. 24), thrilled to hear the command of his rider (v. 25). Then comes a couple of big questions. Who teaches hawks to fly south for the winter (v. 26) and who trains eagles to build their nests on rocky cliffs where they can look down and spot their next meal (vv. 27-30)?


I want to be able to say, “Dear God, Your will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.”

Job 39:1-30 (English Standard Version)

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