God’s Power Shown in Creatures

A pig joined a flock of sheep and grazed with them. One day the shepherd laid hands on it, and it began to squeal and struggle. The sheep found fault with the pig for crying out. “He takes hold of us often,” they said, “and we don’t make a fuss.” “ … More


The word “leviathan” is the Hebrew word used to describe the “sea monsters” that were supposed to inhabit The Mediterranean. In mythology, the leviathan was a many-headed monster that ruled the waters and feared no man. Job asks the Lord if He can capture and subdue the great “sea monster.” If He can do this Job, says, “I’ll believe that you have the power and wisdom to judge the world  justly.” These “sea monsters” (Psa. 104:25-26) may refer to whales or dolphins. The Lord turned this question around and asked Job if he could capture this sea monster, and if he did what would he do with him (vv. 1-11)? One can’t make a pet out of him, no matter how agreeable he may seem to be (vv. 3-5). God drew a practical conclusion: “If you can’t come to grips with the crocodile, how will you ever be able to stand before Me (vv. 10-11)?” God gives a poetical description of this giant creature’s mighty limbs, fierce teeth and strong jaws, and impregnable covering (vv. 12-17). When it churns up the river and blows out water, the sun reflects from the vapor; and it looks like fire and smoke from a dragon’s mouth (vv. 18-21). His armor is so strong that he can go anywhere without fear (vv. 22-24).

The chapter closes with a description of this monster’s anger and courage (vv. 25-34). People flee from him in fear (v. 25), but he doesn’t flee from them. God names eight different weapons that the “sea monster” laughs at and treats like pieces of straw or rotten wood. Just as this creature fears nothing around him, so he fears nothing under him; for his underside is protected with a covering like sharp pieces of pottery (v. 30). He fears no enemy on the land or in the water (vv. 31-32). When he swims through the water, the wake looks like the white hair of an old man! There is no other creature so fearless (v. 33). He looks upon all who would presumably be above or over him and dominates them by the fear which he evokes (v. 34).


God has created everything and every person; He is over everything and every person. It is my responsibility to obey Him and His Word.

Job 41:1-34 (English Standard Version)

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