Guided by convenience rather than conviction

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We are introduced to a young man from Bethlehem who is later identified as the grandson of Moses (vv. 7-9). His name was Jonathan, son of Geshom, son of Moses (18:30). It is not for certain why he was wandering alone, away from his family but it seems he was looking for a job and had traveled northward from Judah and had arrived at Micah’s house. This story illustrates how Israel’s moral decay affected even the priest and levites.

For the sake of security (salary) he was content to serve as a priest to Micah for ten shekels of silver per year (v. 10). He agreed to stay with Micah and be his priest (vv 11-12). He lived in Micah’s house, who treated him like one of his own sons. Micah thought this was a smart move to have a Levite as his priest rather than his son who was just a layman. After all, wouldn’t God honor him as long as this religious Levite was in his home (v. 13). In the process we see both men disregarding the revealed will of God. They were guided by convenience rather than conviction.


I need to be asking myself the question, what controls my decisions? Is it that which seems momentarily helpful or that which glorifies God? Have each member of my family name some jobs that they could not have and still glorify the Lord.

Judges 17:7-13 (English Standard Version)

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