He is God And I am Not

One New Year’s Day, in the Tournament of Roses parade, a beautiful float suddenly sputtered and quit. It was out of gas. The whole parade was held up until someone could get a can of gas. The amusing thing was this float represented the Standard Oil Company. Often Christia … More


God states that He has all the forces of nature at His command and that He can unleash or restrain them at will. No one can completely understand such common occurrences as rain or snow, and no one can control them; only God who created them has that power (vv. 25-27). By asking about the father of the rain and the womb of the ice and frost, God was inquiring about man’s role in the creation of things (vv. 28-29). He even made a statement about the marvels of ice (v. 30). Next God asks Job about his ability to influence what is seen in the appearances of the celestial bodies (v. 31). In addition, Job was asked whether he could lead forth the signs of the Zodiac, as an animal trainer did his animals (v. 32), or whether he could give them directions that would result in an effect upon the earth (v. 33).

Could Job raise his voice like God and the heavens give forth their waters (v. 34)? God goes on to ask Job whether he caused lightening to appear, or whether he gave wisdom to the dark clouds (vv. 35-36)? Then in conclusion to his questions about the clouds, God asked Job if he could number them and determine the proper amount of rain it would take to soften the hardened clouds (vv. 37-38). He then questions the source of the power given the lion (vv. 39-40). Also he asks, “Who supplies the food for the starving young ravens when they cry out for food; do you” (v. 41)?

Job failed the examination, and so would you and I. God’s point was that if Job could not explain such common events in nature, how could he possibly explain or question God? And if nature is beyond our grasp, God’s moral purposes may not be what we imagine either. God is making it very clear to Job that the creation reveals His greatness. One can know about God through His creation, but creation will not bring a man to a saving knowledge of God.


I must never question God and His right and ability to do things. He is God and I am not. The smaller I am in my own eyes, the greater God will make me in His sight.

Job 38:25-41 (English Standard Version)

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