He Promises to Restore Joy

William Dixon lived in Brackenthwaite, England. He was a widower who had also lost his only son. One day he saw that the house of one of his neighbors was on fire. Although the aged owner was rescued, her orphaned grandson was trapped in the blaze. Dixon climbed an iron pip … More


God promises all the tribes of Israel that He will restore them (vv. 1-2). Despite Judah’s rejection and apostasy, God loved them (v. 3). “Loving kindness” refers to God condescending in goodness to the needs of His people. He says that I will restore your joy (v. 4). Once again you will be able to plant your gardens and enjoy the fruit of your labors (v. 5). He is eager to do the best for them if they will only let Him.

One of the Hebrew descriptions of a prophet is “watchman .” The prophet says, the day is coming when the “watchman” will call from the hill country of Mt Ephraim, “Arise, and let us go up to Jerusalem to worship the Lord our God” (v. 6). Sing and shout with praise and joy, “O Lord save your people who are the remnant of Israel” (v. 7) for I will bring them from the distant corners of the earth (v. 8)!  Joy and providential care will accompany the pilgrims on their way home (v. 9). With weeping they shall come and with pleas for mercy I will lead them back. A missionary mandate is proclaimed to listen to the message from the Lord and declare it in other countries (v. 10). He said, “I have redeemed Jacob” (v. 11). Israel will come home and sing songs of joy on the hills of Jerusalem (v. 12). Their life will be like a watered garden and all their sorrows will be gone. Both the old and the young will join in the celebration (v. 13). He says that “My people will be satisfied with my goodness” (v. 14).


God has a plan for my life just as he has a plan for Israel because he loves me.

Jeremiah 31:1-14 (English Standard Version)

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