Hezekiah Reigns in Judah

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Hezekiah’s rule was characterized not only by devotion to God but by devotion with such intensity that even the high places were destroyed. Even the brazen serpent which Moses had erected seven hundred years earlier had become an object of worship and was reduced to scrap metal.

Hezekiah repaired the temple that had been desecrated during Ahaz’s rule. Worship was restored and all Israel from North and South were invited to the celebration of Passover. Of all the other godly kings of Judah, none ranked with Hezekiah. Unlike some of the other kings he did not apostatize later in life but kept the Mosaic Covenant faithfully. Because of this the Lord was with him and blessed him with success in all he undertook.

Hezekiah rebelled against Sennacherib, king of Assyria, which precipitated the Assyrian invasion recorded later. Sennacherib invaded Judah to enforce Ahaz’s commitment to Assyria that Hezekiah had broken (v. 7). In this campaign he captured 46 strong cities plus many villages in Judah. He then set up his headquarters in Lachish, a well fortified city about 30 miles southwest of Jerusalem.  Hezekiah did not want to fight Sennacherib, whose armies had been consistently successful so he quickly admitted his guilt in breaking with Assyria and offered whatever Sennacherib asked.


Just as Hezekiah placed his faith in God’s strength rather than his own and he obeyed God’s commands in spite of the obstacles and dangers I need to do the same today.

II Kings 18:1-16 (English Standard Version)

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