Inventory Taken of The Total Construction

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The Sacred Tent (vv. 21-31) 

Finally, an inventory is taken of the total construction (vv. 21-31). The names of the skilled workers, Bezalel and Aholiab, are repeated (vv. 21-22). They completed the work that the Lord had commanded. This inventory was compiled by the Levites under the direction of Ithamar, Aaron’s youngest son (v. 23). The materials used in building the tabernacle are carefully tabulated. These materials would be valued in millions of dollars in today’s currency (vv. 24-31). God has always taken an acute interest in the offerings and gifts as well as items of material worth that are used in Christian ministries around the world. Jesus observed what went into the temple treasury (Mark 12:41). 

Someone has calculated that the amount of gold listed here, 29 talents, 730 shekels, is about 40,940 ounces. At $500 per ounce that would be $20,470,000. An enormous sum in that day. The silver amounting to about 141,000 ounces, would be valued at about $4,230,000, figuring silver at $30 per ounce. Verses 25 and 26 give us an insight into the population of Israel at this time. The total number of men bearing arms was over 600,000 which would more than justify a total of over 2 million people. 


God certainly kept a very strict inventory of everything that went into the construction of the tabernacle. I believe at the Judgment Seat of Christ (II Cor. 5:10) I will have to give a very strict accounting of what I have done for Him, as His child in this body.

Exodus 38:21-31 (English Standard Version)

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