Isaac And Rebekah Are Married

How do you think you would have felt if a man showed up on your doorstep one day and said he had been sent by his master to ask you to marry his son. You had never seen this man before he began to talk to you and he was weary from traveling many days to reach your town. What do y … More


Rebkeh’s father and brother (Bethuel and Laban) said, “the Lord has done this. We have no choice in this matter. You can take Rebekah with you to marry your master’s son (v. 50)."  The servant took every advantage that he could to share about Isaac and to invite Rebekah to give herself to this unseen man who was dwelling far away (vv. 50-57). However he did not use any high pressure tactics and neither did he attempt to coerce or force her to make a decision. Rebekah could have had a hundred reasons why she should say no to the invitation of going to be Isaac’s wife. She could have said, “It is too far from home” or “I don’t want to give up my present life-style.” However there were no excuses, she simply said, “I will go” (v. 58). At that point her mother and brother did ask the servsnt if they could wait a week before leaving and the servant said, “Don’t make me stay any longer, now let us return (vv. 55-56).”

Immediately after her big decision to go she started her long journey to meet the bride groom.  Rebekah was not left to stumble along as best she could but the servant was there to guard and guide her every step of the way (vv. 59-61). Every provision was made to bring her safely to her new home. The more she learned about Isaac the more she yearned to meet him. At first He was just a name but gradually she became more anxious to meet him face to face. As the journey progressed the less she thought about her past and the more she longed to see him.

At his same time Isaac was waiting in his father’s presence until the appointed time when he could go forth to meet his bride. The time must have seemed long, but finally the great day came when Isaac went to meet his bride and escort her home (vv. 62-67). Today the Lord Jesus is waiting at God’s right hand. One of these days the time of waiting will be over and He will arise and go forth to meet His bride which consists of us who know and are anxious to be with Him.


Just as the servant guided and protected Rebekah the Holy Spirit guides and protects me as I commit myself to Christ. As I journey through this life I can be sure that He will see me safely home.

Genesis 24:50-67 (English Standard Version)

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