Isaiah Called to be a Prophet

Robert Moffat, Scottish missionary to South Africa, came back to recruit helpers in his homeland. One night he was very discouraged when there were only ladies in his meeting, as he had chosen as his text Proverbs 8:4, “Unto you, O men, I call.” In his constern … More


In the passage Isaiah recounts his call to the ministry:

  1. He saw the Lord (vv. 1-4) - King Uzziah dies. He had been a godly king, in spite of his sinful intrusion into the priests office ten years prior to his death (2 Chron. 26:18-21). With the death of Uzziah, Isaiah recognized Israel was in trouble, so he went to the temple to cry out to God. God in a vision gave Isaiah a renewed concept of who the Lord was.
  2. He saw himself (v. 5) - Having seen God in the full light of His holiness he sees himself as he really is and says, “Woe is me” (v. 5). His convictions led to confession, and confession led to cleansing (l John 1:9), although, physically, he remained leprous until he died.
  3. He saw the need (vv. 6-8) - There was no doubt that his nation needed the Lord. The Lord wanted someone to minister to the people and so Isaiah volunteered.  He did not discuss his call with the Lord as Moses did (Ex. 3:11) but accepted the appointment immediately and spontaneously - “Here am I; send me” (v. 8). His vision was his commission.
  4. He saw rejection - (vv. 9-13) - His ministry for the most part will fall on deaf ears. However he is to proclaim the Word no matter how people respond for the test is not success but faithfulness.


I want to be the type of person who stands ready to answer the call whenever the Lord speaks to me. Do we need to wait for some kind of personal call as God has already told us “To go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone.” If I am not obeying this command I am not obeying God.

Isaiah 6:1-13 (English Standard Version)

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