Israel is Doomed

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Knowing that life is filled with choices , we must as Jacob of old, wait upon the Lord (Gen. 49:18). Jacob’s descendants likewise had to make choices, but they chose to go against God and His love:

  1. Choosing dissipation rather than exaltation (vv. 1-3). Israel’s sin increased like an unchecked infection. At one time everyone listened to God and respected Him (v. 1). Then something happened and under Ahab they gave themselves to the worship of Baal and the result of this infectious increase in sin was complete dissipation of the nation.
  2. Choosing destruction rather than salvation (vv. 4-8). Understanding the knowledge of God  would have permitted Israel to make the right choices but she forgot that the Lord was her Savior and followed after destruction.
  3. Choosing the desire of a human king rather than the King of kings (vv. 9-11). Prompted by a desire to be like other nations, Israel asked God for a human king, a request God in His righteous anger granted (Saul) but because of rebellion was soon removed. (I Sam. 15:22-23).
  4. Choosing death rather than life (vv. 12-16). The Lord reminds Israel that restoration, not retribution is the goal of His sovereign plan. Like a ray of sunlight penetrating through a sky filled with storm clouds God offers afresh His promise to redeem Israel from the realm of death into which she was falling. Hosea warns that although Israel is flourishing Assyria will sweep down upon the land and cause it to become dry and barren (vv. 15-16).


An abundance of possessions made Israel feel self sufficient and as a result they chose to turn their back on God. This feeling of self sufficiency can also bring me to destruction. I must choose to rely on God in both good times and in bad times. It is so easy to want to have my way in the many choices of life rather than wanting to go God’s way whether it is easy or hard.

Hosea 13:1-16 (English Standard Version)

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