Jacob Marries Leah And Rachael

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Hearing of Jacob’s arrival from Rachael, Laban hurried out to meet his nephew (vv. 1-13). He knew that Jacob was from a very wealthy family, so he gave him a royal welcome thinking Jacob might have many gifts for him (v. 14). Jacob accepted his uncle’s offer of hospitality and made himself at home . He was too clever to hang around Laban’s house idly so he began to make himself useful, so much so that Laban offered him a full-time job (v. 15). After a month in Laban’s home Jacob had fallen in love with Rachael. He struck up a deal with Laban where he would work for seven years in order to have Rachael as his wife (vv. 16-19).

When the day of the wedding arrives Laban tricks Jacob into marrying Rachael’s older sister Leah instead of Rachael (vv. 20-24). The one who had deceived his own brother and father now is deceived by his mother’s brother. The Bible demonstrates over and over the principle that what a man sows he reaps (Gal. 6:7).

A week later Jacob marries Rachael with an agreement to work for Laban another seven years which gives him two wives in seven days (vv. 25-30). Once married to Rachael he wasted no more time on Leah. He simply ignored her (vv. 31-35). This was a sad record for Jacob’s home as it became a battlefield where two embittered women fought and struggled for Jacob’s affection. Jacob and Leah have four sons and he and Rachael did not have any children. However he loved Rachael more than Leah so she did not feel loved. 


When I try to get things to go my way instead of God’s way it will not only bring problems into my own life but into our entire family.

Genesis 29:13-35 (English Standard Version)

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