Jacob Runs Away to Laban’s House

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When Esau came home and found out the blessing he expected had been given to Jacob he was furious. Jacob had twice deceived Esau, by taking his birthright (25:27-34) and now by taking his blessing. It meant that Esau’s descendants (the Edomites) would occupy a land less fertile than Jacob’s (the land of Canaan) for years to come. Esau had an unsaved man’s view of eternal values:

1. His remorse (vv. 34-35). - He was simply brokenhearted because he had been disappointed in his carnal expectations. Remorse alone cannot win spiritual blessing. It also takes repentance and Esau showed no trace of repentance.

2. His resentment (vv. 36-37). - We can understand Esau’s resentment, but he had sold his birthright of his own free will. Jacob had persuaded but not compelled him.

3. His request (vv. 38-40). - “And Esau said unto his father, Hast thou but one blessing, my father? Bless me, even me also my father.

4. His resolve (v. 41). -  He now hated his brother Jacob and said “I will slay my brother Jacob” He thought perhaps he could win with murder what he could not buy with meat.

When Rebekah heard this she worked out a plan to deliver her favorite son over to her brother Laban  in Haran (vv. 42-45). Instead of telling Isaac the truth she told him Jacob needed to go to her homeland to get a wife and thus Jacob could flee with his blessing (v. 46). Rebekah suffers in the consequences as she is forced to send her favorite son away. As a result, the curse really falls on her. Despite her hopes that the separation will be brief, the “few days” turns into twenty years.


Although decisions I make today can bring years of grief and heartache to me, the Lord can still cause them to bring glory to His name (Rom. 8:28). I need to be praying for strength and asking God to help me see the opportunities that even bad situations can provide.

Genesis 27:34-46 (English Standard Version)

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