Jarius’s Daughter is Healed

What do those who have been revived from death by drowning tell us? They say that they experience no suffering whatever after the initial struggle. The original distress gives way to a feeling of drowsy comfort. Thus, one of them, Grant Allen, distinguished British author, wrot … More


When Jesus returned to Capernaum a great crowd gathered around Him (v. 40). Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue meets Christ with an urgent request. He had a young daughter, twelve years of age, who was critically ill and about to die (vv. 41-42). Before Jesus got away from the crowd to go with this man, word comes that the girl had died (v. 49).

During the time Jesus had a great crowd around Him, a woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve years touched Him (vv. 43-44). She knew that He had healed others and she wanted Him to heal her. Jesus knew that somebody with faith had touched Him and had been healed by His power (vv. 45-48). In the meantime someone comes stating Jairus’s daughter has died (v. 49)

On the way to Jairus house Jesus speaks words of encouragement to Jairus (v. 50). This has been great comfort ever since, to people who have been in similar situations. By the time they arrived, the professional mourners were already there, weeping and wailing. Jesus told the crowd to stop weeping because the girl was not dead but just sleeping. They laughed at Him because they knew the girl was dead. He then takes the mother and father into the room and raised the girl back to life (vv. 51-54). As she came back to life she got right up and Jesus told them to give her something to eat (v. 55). Her parents were surprised, but Jesus ordered them not to tell anyone what had happened (v. 56). This may seem strange but Jesus knew the facts would speak for themselves. Also he probably didn’t want to get known as just a miracle worker.


I can be part of the crowd in my church, and still never receive any blessing from being near Jesus. It is one thing to be a faithful church attender and another thing to “touch Him” by faith. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would I rate my faith?

Luke 8:40-56 (English Standard Version)

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