Jesus Appears on the Road to Emmaus

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As this scene opens we find two men walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, which was about eight miles northwest of Jerusalem (vv. 13-17). These men were disciples (not apostles), and one of them was named Cleopas (v. 18). As they walked they were discussing the events of the past several days, including Christ’s crucifixion and the reports of his resurrection. We get the impression that the men were  disappointed because God had not done what they wanted Him to do. As they walked, Jesus joined them, but they were supernaturally prevented from recognizing Him  (v. 16). As He listened to their conversation, He asked why they were so sad (v. 17). They asked Him if He was a stranger in the area and did not know all the things that had happened in Jerusalem that weekend (v. 18).

At that point Jesus displays a sense of humor as He asked, “What things?” (v. 19). Then they unfolded the account of how they had though Jesus was the Messiah until His crucifixion had shattered their hopes (vv. 20-24). They did not believe all that the prophets had written about the Messiah. Jesus then opened the Word of God and gave them a Bible lesson (vv. 25-27). As He opened the Scriptures, their eyes were opened and they realized that Jesus was not only alive, but right there with them. At one point they thought He was going to leave them and they begged Him to stay. After this He broke bread with them. Then He disappeared from them and they immediately hastened back to Jerusalem to tell the believers they had been with Jesus (vv. 28-35).


If it had been me walking with the Lord, I should have wanted to tell others about Him. May that be the example of my life as I walk with Him each day of my life.

Luke 24:13-27 (English Standard Version)

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