Jesus Blesses the Little Children

D.L. Moody once returned from a meeting and reported two and a half conversions. “Two adults and a child, I suppose?” asked his host. “No,” said Moody, “two children and an adult. The children gave their whole lives. The adult had only half to give. … More


Christ condemned the religious leaders for blocking the doorway to heaven. They themselves did not enter through the doorway to heaven. But in this text, it is not the Pharisees who are seen as blocking the door to heaven (v.15). It is the followers of Jesus Christ, the disciples, who rebuke parents for bringing their children to Christ. I believe there are times that some Christians block the door to heaven for the same reasons that the disciples blocked the door.

  1. The disciples felt that parents brought their children for the wrong reason or motivation. It was a practice for Jewish mothers to bring their babies to famous rabbis, and to ask these teachers to bless their little ones. The disciples saw this as an act of frivolous pride.
  2. The disciples felt that the children were too young and didn’t understand. A child’s mind is molded by those he or she is with. If a child’s mind is not molded by godly parents, godly friends, and godly church members it will be molded by the worldliness of our society.
  3. The disciples felt that Christ had more important things than dealing with little children. The disciples were looking for Christ to enter Jerusalem and set up the Messianic kingdom immediately. They felt that he did not have time to deal with trivial things like children.          
  4. The disciples were indifferent to the need. They were looking to enter the kingdom, but not to work in the field. They were so caught up with the prospect of reigning with Christ in Jerusalem they could not be bothered.
Jesus loved little children and declared that adults must receive His message in simple trusting child-like faith in order to be saved (vv. 15-17). He wants us to be child-like but not childish. If these proud Pharisees had become as little children, they too could have gone home justified. It is important that we introduce our children to Jesus and approach Him with child like faith.


Is there anything in my life that is keeping me from coming to the Lord or in serving Him?

Luke 18:15-17 (English Standard Version)

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