Jesus Brings Salvation to Zaccheus’s Home

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Jesus comes in contact with Zachaeus as he passes through Jericho (vv. 1-2).Some interesting things about Zachaeus are as follows:

  1. He was rich (v. 2). He was not only a tax collector but a chief of tax collectors.
  2. He thought he was seeking Jesus (v. 3), but Jesus was seeking him (v.10) - A lost sinner does not naturally seek the Savior (Romans 3:11), but Jesus through the ministry of the Holy Spirit is searching for lost sinners.
  3. He was a little man (v. 3) - Zaccheus was physically “little in stature.” Many lost sinners think they are big when in a spiritual sense they are small. No one measures up to God’s standards, for we are “too little” to enter heaven (Rom. 3:23).
  4. He ran to Jesus (v. 4) - It certainly would have been an unusual sight to have seen a wealthy government official like this running down the street and then climbing a tree.
  5. He was up a tree and he made haste and came down (vv. 4-6).
  6. He caused a stir in the town because of having Jesus come to his house (v. 7).
  7. He gives evidence of his salvation (v.8) - Having trusted the Savior, he gave evidence of his faith by offering to make restitution to all of those he had wronged. True saving faith is more than some pious words but results in a changed life (II Cor. 5:17).
  8. Jesus said he was a son on Abraham yet he was a sinner (v. 9). Not saved by heritage.


It isn’t enough to follow Christ in my head. I must show my faith in Christ by my changed behavior.

Luke 19:1-10 (English Standard Version)

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