Jesus Calls Lazarus Forth From the Grave

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Christ came to the tomb and ordered someone to roll away the stone. Martha objected to this strange request since Lazarus’ body would stink (vv. 38-39). Christ reminded her of His previous statements by saying, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” (v. 40) (11:25–26). Then Christ offered a prayer before He performed the miracle (vv. 41-42). The prayer was one of thanksgiving rather than requesting. He is thankful that the Father has heard. It is because He is in close communion with the Father, that this miracle is possible. 

Then Jesus shouted, “Lazarus, come forth” (vv. 43-44). It has been said that if Jesus had not named Lazarus when He shouted, the whole cemetery would have been emptied. Here is a picture of many Christians who are alive in Christ but are still bound by the graveclothes of the world. They can’t work because their hands are bound.

The experience of Lazarus is a good illustration of what happens to a sinner when he trusts the Savior (Eph. 2:1-10). Lazarus was dead, and all sinners are dead. He was decayed because death and decay go together. All lost people are spiritually dead, but some are more “decayed” than others. No one can be “more dead” than another. 

There are no recorded words of Lazarus in the Gospels, but his daily walk is enough to convince people that Jesus is the Son of God. Because of his effective witness, Lazarus was persecuted by the religious leaders who wanted to kill him and get rid of the evidence.


One day when I was in my early twenties, I realized that I was spiritually dead and asked the Lord for new life in Him. At that moment He gave me new life and I began to have communion with Him through His Word and in prayer. One day He has also promised to give me a new body and I will be with Him physically for all eternity. 

John 11:38-44 (English Standard Version)

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